Posted by: saket71 | March 2, 2010

Tailor-made for a relation

Ever since my daughter came in to being, I constantly being surprised by life. More than surprises which have suddenly become visible to me, I am more amused at my own self, which is almost alien to what I had always believed myself to be. I am known to be very critical, but looking at her eccentricities, I find myself more pleased with all the stuff she does, than critical of it. She would take a pen, only to make a mesh of ink stains on my shirt, and I would still love her for it. It is really sad that when the positions get reversed the same patience and tolerance is nowhere in sight. For instance, it is so common to hear, that I would love to stay closer to my parents, if only they were not so nagging/ critical/ interfering; your kid is all of that and you do not insist them to change for a moment, and you love them in spite of all that. But we are not ready to extend the same flexibility to other relationships we have, even with the spouse. It is a constant struggle to keep up with the demands of relationship, you love your spouse and would not be angry or annoyed and be ever so loving, if only they were little reasonable, little accommodating, little more fun-loving/ serious about things, thinner/ fatter. Not so with the child, I do wish, some magic charm of the love I have for my daughter rubs off to the relationship I have with my parents, with my spouse and my friends. It is the strength and courage to tolerate, forgive and accept which I strive for.


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