Posted by: saket71 | March 15, 2010

Future to Present

We become what we do, we are today what we did in the past. The current is always known for the recklessness, which borders on brinkmanship, we look at present and think that future will forget what we are doing today and will forgive our misdoings. It does not so happen, not especially if you are not willing to put the blame of the outcome that you receive in future, on people around you, system around you, or the ill-luck. In fact, you feel like a drowning soul, gasping for breath trying to reach out for some air, stretching out hands, hoping to touch some rope that you could hang by, Some way to put the blame on anything but yourself.

Look deeper, you will find that you are today what you made yourself, you are the some total of all the mistakes you made and also of course, some good things that you did along the way. It is those right things which kept you alive.  In the arrogance of your youth you kicked the ground, and believed, oh so erroneously, that you live in an independent world; You negated the ecosystem in which you have grown, tried to replace it with imagined vacuum or people who were as empty as you were, if not more. Every single act that you did, act of arrogance, act of unkindness, will invariably come back to you, and if you have not wisened up with years, you will throw your arms up in the air and say “Why me?” This denial takes away the capability to make amends, you keep on taking up wrong friends, wrong jobs, wrong attitude, and enter into a cyclic downturn, as if running down the steep mountain slope where if we stop we will fall. And this is not to imply that we are just bearing the wrongs of the past into present, what is present today will become a past tomorrow, and therefore,  it is critical to understand that every sweet, innocent looking moment, hides within it a storm which is well capable of blowing you off your feet. Do not sleepwalk, for you are going to become tomorrow, what you chose to do today.


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