Posted by: saket71 | March 24, 2010

Living In and Out of Law..

Supreme Court of India today came out with the decision legalizing Living-In relationships. I am not very sure if the man on the street trying to work out the implication of the increased VAT (Value added Tax)  on his food economics would care too much about it, but looking at the television, people seem to be quite charged up and agitated on either side of the divide. Some people hailing it as a landmark decision, liberating womenfolk and charging those opposing it as proponent of the Hindu nationalist agenda. A guest, someone who stood for liberty of Art, culture or some such elevated ideal, somehow found it to be related to Hindu agenda, latter working all out to put women into medieval cages, and how had some idea as to how the idea of opposing it un-Islamic, and thereby, somehow hindu nationalists were all charged up by this significant victory of Islamic agenda of Women’s liberation. I am appalled by the way the whole discussion was done, and more than that was surprised by the feigned anger and enthusiasm that participant were showing (good for TRP, I guess).

The gentleman referred to the Renaissance which came about in the western world centuries earlier, breaking the shackles of the Victorian, conventional mindset. What they comfortably overlooked was that where did the mindless breaking of chain left them, look at the broken homes and the social network limited to the government sponsored social security number which the individuals are left with.

In a world of packaged everything, preferably with an MNC tag every thing has become so convoluted in the Indian context that speaking out your mind implies risk opening your self up for social sanity checks. Have come to know that Che Guevara T-Shirts are a huge sell outs among young, never mind that the Delhi government itself released wrongly done photographs of Bhagat Singh on Martyr’s Day. Every body is interested in philosophy, meaning reading Paolo Coelho “The Alchemist” , seriously into literature, having read two books of Chetan Bhagat. This generation, aimlessly driven by dwarfness of ideas, over-marketed as much informed than the earlier ones, talks about independence and considers women drinking and smoking out as a sign of liberation. How, no one cares nor bothers. Media makes noise, and most often the argument revolves around that many people are doing it anyways, so..I do not understand this line of argument. Gay marriages is OK because many people are already doing it, same with wine and drink and now with Living-in. True, you are protecting your right to independent decisions, I am not against it, but why encourage the damage you are inflicting on the right of generation which is about to follow. Same with murders and corrupt practices, so many people do it, so should it be made legal. People are not committing rape or murders out of choice, nature has so designed them that they love doing such criminal acts.

Two people living together, fine by me. As luck would have it, I am a man, I am not supposed to get pregnant, or bear a child. Should the woman keep the child once he arrives out of wed-lock. Possibly, people will contest this saying that court can enforce it on parents to ensure the upkeep of the child. But then the question is what happens to the freedom then. And for the sake of argument, let us assume that court does that ( it seems to be busy in deciding its own cases like RTI purview and disproportionate assets of Judges), is it not the kids inherent right to deserve upbringing in a naturally cohesive entity called family, and not into a court enforced arrangement. When it is pointed out that such provision could lead to more women abuse, counter comes, but women are abused even in institution of marriage. So, does this provision make it any better, or increases the possibility of abuse??

It is something like saying, that even sitting in a house, people sometime die of wall collapse, so let us all go out and sit on the highways, waiting to get hit by trucks. Or rather we should ensure that houses are build in a better way that accidents are minimized. When women in family are abused, rather then showing them the way out of the family, why not we make regulations which strengthens the family and addresses such ills. At one point and time in life, we are all so much prone to be driven by our instincts, that we do not realize that every today is pregnant with a tomorrow. Every passing moment decides the future it will provide us with depending on the way we respond to it. Every response is to be thought out, for it can not be reversed, at best later you will be only able to control the damage, but not without a sense of loss and grief. Let your decisions be driven by logic, and when driven by logic, they must be taken, irrespective of what the society, the demagogues, the desire, honorable courts or with due respect, Paolo Coelho tells you. To borrow from him, if you want something too deeply to happen, the universe will conspire to make it happen, but once that happens, you will be left alone to carry the burden of it. Stories of life do not end with “Living together happily ever after”, that is where they start from.


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