Posted by: saket71 | March 26, 2010

10 Janpath, Khap Panchayat

Yesterday was a remarkable day in a sense with a lower Haryana court taking a brave decision against the Kangaroo courts in the state called Khap Panchayats in the state. The court order is the right step to put brakes on flourishing parallel governance system, oftentimes nurtured and patronized by political parties, given the bulk voter-base they bring with them. So while this was something refreshing in real sense, there was discouraging news of the Khap panchayat in 10 janpath, delhi. The panchayat has decided to mark Amitabh Bachchan as an outcast, stopping his hukka-paani, all because he is representing Gujarat as a brand ambassador, a state, which as will of masses would have it, is governed by Narendra Modi.

While I hold no brief on Mr. Modi, regarding his alleged role in Gujarat riots, from what seems to me, his involvements in the riots are far less clear than what of Mr. H.K.L. Bhagat (Late) and Sajjan Kumar, who chose to lead the crowds from the front, like great generals, sadly in a war within the country. The two gentlemen have been seen frequently moving in and out of inner congress political circles, without causing much embarrassment to either of the party concerned, except for the time, when running off the non-bailable warrants they chose to go in hiding and party chose to feign ignorance of their whereabouts. Modi on the other hand, is asked to resign on account of being summoned by the Special investigation team, not as a victim, mind you, but as a witness. Anyway leaving Modi aside, the great proponents of gentleman behavior in Indian polity, have no issue in seeking to alienate some of the stature of Mr. Bachchan for his personal and professional affiliations. And the matter in the question is of a public event, organized to inaugurate a public construction, paid for by you and me in taxes. It was not the inauguration of a congress headquarter building, but worli sea-link, and the party issues a diktat asking constitutionally elected chief minister to keep away from people not liked by high command. But in any case with UPA in place, we have already opted for Moscow style of government, where power rests not with PMO or president house, but with 10 Janpath. Wonder what is going to come next, changing the cover of the currency notes to remove Gujarat connection. Heard Modi talks a lot about Mahatma also in order to sell his state and get investments for the state.


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