Posted by: saket71 | March 26, 2010

Get a Life..

We have killed independent thought and the ability to take responsibility in the new generation, and it is not mostly out of love but often as a counter-guilt measure to pay off for the time spent at home, trying to strategize not about work, but mostly about workplace, and at the drunken stupor with which TV  is watched post work, or hours spent networking with unbearable people.

After arguing continuously on the con-call, although with creative and newly acquired vocabulary, which could strike the colleagues with to borrow from Jr.  Bush, with “Shock and Awe” as we reach to the bed to sight our young ones going to sleep, with ever innocent smile, kiss her on the forehead and promise to ourself, Just one more step, few more measures to be taken, to reach where I wanted to reach, and then will have all the time for you. But, honestly, have not already lost the tab of the place where you where striving to reach. I remember, once in Mumbai, walking at fast pace, once out of the local train, got so much in habit, that on a sunday, I with my classmates of MBA based in Mumbai, all still blissfully free of family responsibilities, planned day out and returning walked with same breakneck pace out of the suburb station. Then I pointed out that we are out to walk, to have fun, not to reach anywhere, it being a holiday and we all ended up laughing. Now, in our lives we are so very much walking in the same manner, out of sheer habit, that we do not even remember, where we were heading for. Through the deepavali vacations, in engineering college, when mess would close down and we had no money to eat apart from some bread and sauce, we would sit near the highway and count Maruti Esteems, not a very regular sight those days in Raipur (when hostel had one moped, and one Bike in total) and somewhere would pray in heart of our heart, if only we could manage to afford a car by the time we had a family, we could take it that we have reached where we wanted to be and time for enjoying gained thus far has come about. Then the car came, then the house, then it is about power and prestige, and some time we are running for neither, but out of sheer habit. We do not even know why we are running, and in the this entire exercise, do not even realize what we are loosing.  We every night promise the young ones to spend more time, or as they say these days “Quality time” once we set things up in order. Are you sure, the kid will have time for you when you reach the target, if you really have any. Do you know where you are going. Reminds me a story of a guy sleeping under the tree, who was asked by people to work hard, then what he asked, you will have a great job, then what, riches, then what, happiness and the guy retorts, But I  am happy right now. You have all the things around you to make you happy, you are insulting the gifts that you have with you today chasing an ambiguous dream. Don’t delay your life, my friend, make the most out of every moment. When with your family and friends, put the phone on vibrator mode, don’t take calls, on each call ask yourself can you  not take it later. You do it when you are with the boss, or client, neither of the two will take more than ten days to find a replacement if you are gone; why not extend the same courtesy to your family which will never be able to find a replacement should you, god forbid, go away. All days are as great and as ordinary as you make them to be, don’t wait for a red herring day, No matter what went before, a man’s life can start today. Let us commit it to ourselves to make each day as great as it could possibly become.

1. Limit the TV time to not more than 1 hour, except on one day of the week when you just want to corrupt yourself.

2. Limit phone calls, keep a notepad near the phone, so you can write down to call up when it is convenient for You.

3. Get Active, take your kid out, to a temple, a church, wherever, something which both of you could remember the day by.

4. Go out in open, people traveling to your city spend money to do site-seeing, you do not do thinking you will do it some day. Remember, all days are as great and as ordinary as you make them, do not wait for THE day, take your kid out, may be to sit on the side of a bridge and gaze into sky.

5. Meet up with a friend, you do know, you should always be in touch with a friend. Call up in your time to see how they are doing, there will be initial period of unease, till the time it all melts down. Now with a lot of responsibilities, it will not be as before, but nearly as good should be good enough to make the day.

6. Call up your parent, smell the roses, let them nag, you are not going to be any different when you grow up. In our own thoughts we are all heroes and can not be snapped, they too would be finding difficult to handle being snapped down. Hear them out, as a client, holding the key to multi-million deal, and don’t hide behind the immediate family grind not permitting you, your parents are your responsibility, and you owe it to nature, which bestowed us with enough sense and feelings to take care of species, when they are across their prime.

I do hope you will try it, not tomorrow, today, as I try to do little of it every and trust me, even little is big enough to make me feel every day as destination not a journey. Do it and Journey will become destination.


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