Posted by: saket71 | March 31, 2010

Social Networking…too easy to be good

The era of facebook and twitter has flooded the individual space to such a large extent that there is little room left these days to attach any significant measurable value to the connections you built there. In terms of re-discovering the long lost friends and relations, it is truly a marvel, but the ease with which you can connect makes it so very difficult to look for meaning in the connections you build in there. There is always a sense of ease, and comfort and happiness in the nostalgia. No matter the difficulty of the past, it always carry some endearing value for us and we try hard to cling with out bleeding claws to any kind of symbolism which represents the past. Surrounded by those symbols your life is no more than a museum of strange artifacts.

Your search the web, find all sort of alumni lists, group lists, ex-co-worker sites and sit there feeling some imagined security in numbers. The ease with which you can join the large monolith which is a group, seriously impairs your judgement. In real life, when you had actually met those people, irrespective of whether you were a loner or a gregarious person, You always had a sense of judgement, which allowed you to segregated people around you into Friends, Acquaintances and strangers. There was a degree of difficulty attached with having friends and keeping them, you need to meet up with them for a tea, sit with them possibly across the night, lending support or at least an ear in their darkest of the night, when the morning stared at you with funny kind of face, with semester papers waiting. The difficulty which you face and sustained, strengthened the bond. It was not a homeopathic affair, it was a strong treatment, which left you drained and charged at the same time. This effort created value in the relationship. Your inner bliss was not linked to the quantity but depth.

Do you ever pause and try to introspect the emptiness which looks at you with hollow sockets as what should have been eyes, through the darkest nights, as you see messages floating in front of your social networking space with neither space, nor time, nor consideration for you, and the harder you try to seek comfort in the five hundred number of connection on your facebook or orkut page, more painful this helplessness becomes.  You are no  longer a person, you are another head added to the group. You have betrayed yourself to join the world outside, a world which does not resonates with your music, but is a cacophony of sounds, and you keep your inner music suppressed, afraid that it might not further add to the scare spread around you. Just to put things in perspective, all people who belong to the group you joined, alumni group or ex-workers groups, when were around you physically, would you be sharing your thoughts with all the hundred odd people who worked with you in your previous organisation or in you alma-mater. Most certainly, it was always a set of your closed ones who were privy to your deepest thoughts, all those thoughts, by virtue of open social space are now spread out open, running around for covers to hide their nakedness. What most urgently pushed the idea of this post is the fact that I had been observing for quite sometime, an alumni group that I had joined on, had of course made my facebook page more lively, messages moving to and fro, between people around. I sit as a mute spectator, looking at the messages flowing around, unconcerned unloving. Then I posted a message, which I considered fun, it affected sensibilities of one of the group member, and it set me thinking, I had the same ideas when in college, why this guy was not offended then. First, I thought to put the blame on the overall social polarization, but then the truth dawned on me, in college, I would not be sharing space with him, he was not a party of the my coterie which comprised of like minded people, and we had taken to mind our own respective businesses. The mob, or the group, is always the conspiracy of majority to alienate and stifle the free-thinking minority thought. It is time for spring cleaning, my friends, to selectively build and refine the circle, which loves you as much as you love it.



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