Posted by: saket71 | April 6, 2010

Too Much of Television

Sania-Shoaib controversy refuses to die down, thanks to television,  in the meantime people continue to die on account of poverty in the state which has adopted elephants, last  I heard, it was tigers which were getting extinct. While  some channels have obtained the horoscope of the couple and put their in-house astrology expert on task, others with self-proclaimed sense of self-significance are debating, with dedicated prime hour slot, why this matter should not be given so much of airtime and why it is so down -market and “uncool” to be so intrusive about the private affairs of people. It is another matter that they bring together a complete panel to discuss it in prime time. In the mean time, Mayawati claims having no money for right to education and for feeding the poor. Any issues of poverty and unemployment in the state is being addressed by encouraging Garland mking industry as a cottage industry, apart from the spree of monuments which is brining huge employment opportunity to the masses. The social distinctions in the state of Uttar Pradesh is fading with uniformly distributed poverty, death and poverty are great equalizers.

The matter of marriage has now also become a state subject with Pak foreign minister throwing his weight behind Shoaib Mallick, although the classification of Shoaib under state or non-state actor is not very clear to him, as yet, But yes, he agrees that Shoaib is from Pakistan, and no Geo TV sting is needed for that. Indian culteratti and literatti is all charged up with Aman ki Aasha, looking at cross-border market to sell their wares, while the corpses keep coming back draped in Tri-color from the border. Kasab is still looking for a suitable role in the movies, while three of his friends who went out looking for extra sambhar in Delhi, are probably doing rounds of studios. Shoaib Mallick has offered one Billion dollars to Ms. Ayesha, I would say she takes it and forward a quarter of it to Ms. Mayawati, which could help avoid hunger deaths in UP, which are not happening.  God bless the couple I would say, and may sanity prevail in the masses, so they start taking interest in the weddings happening in their own family. Regarding the people reading the horoscope of the couple, hope the entire channel with its crew could go to Nasik to settle the Kaal Sarp issue, once and for all. In process they could also do something about Kaal sarp in Indo-pak relations, but then, with five other countries around, is Pak all that important?


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