Posted by: saket71 | April 20, 2010

Forgive..for your own sake

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that violet sheds on the heel that crushes it” said Mark Twain. I have in my own time, been quite vengeful and aggressive on matters that meant great deal to me. I had always felt it my solemn duty to return to people in the same coin what was given to me. That the coin carried with it so much of heat that it burnt the palms of my hand, went unnoticed in the drunken stupor of fury. The moment our lives start touching other peoples lives, there is bound to be conflict, given that every interaction however, brief or long, involve rubbing across of different set of values. It is not advised here to shut your own self down, and close your independent thought. Also, I am not very sure of the possibility of the after-life as a great equalizer, which I believe is the fantasy of a fertile, imaginative mind, trying to rationalize the general “success” and well-being of people who seem to be deserving neither.

But when we talk of the people that we love and care about and still continue to be angry with, forgiveness if the way. It is not the way of releasing them from the bondage of anger that you have tied around them, it is a way of liberating your own self. The people who, in heart of your heart, love and want to continue loving, because and in spite of what they are and how they acted in the past. You want to love them, and you are in constant struggle with your own self, pushing the moment of forgiveness, till you are rich enough, old enough, or if nothing else, till the right moment. But when the so called right moment arrives, how will you recognize it through the string of moments that hangs in front of your eyes like rain drops precariously hanging on the steel, window bars.  Each passing moment is as special as you decide to make it be. Your kids, spouse, parent, might have acted in a manner which did hurt you, but as long as you can be sure of the love that flows in the depth of the relation that you have with them, a love which does not allow you to be as unkind with them as you would at time want to be; step forward and stretch your arm wide open to embrace them. Forgive them for what they did, accept them for what they are, and stop fighting the internal battle, which I assure you, will be resulting into defeat for both the concerned parties. Time, as we know it, is very limited, you can not make time for them, just give it away from what you have to the people you love.


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