Posted by: saket71 | April 29, 2010

Do good guys finish first?

We are brought up to believe that good guys finish first. This we are taught even at the time when we do not even know what is Good, at times the person imparting the knowledge, herself (no gender bias here, just a matter of speech and fairness) is only vaguely aware of it. It takes too much of pain and too much of pondering to able to discover even a semblance of  what it could be and as the dying emperor says in the movie “The Gladiator” “you can only whisper it, anything more than a whisper and it is lost”  or something of the kind. He of course, was speaking of Rome, I borrow, with apology to refer to the sense of Good. In my understanding the initial lesson of goodness is built around niceness. Being nice, makes you likeable, thus keeps you safe. Parents, I trust keeping in view, the preservation of species, have been teaching lessons which will make their offsprings  social and sociable, since the cavemen days. We are taught this so often and with so much of seriousness that we start believing that this behavioral pattern that we are being tailored into is what being good is all about. We go through the life, believing these values passed from one generation to another, taking it as a gospel truth.  So much so that anytime we feel that following these values are not offering us the promised safety, are taking away any intrinsic choices, ambitions and desires to untimely burial, turning entire minutes and hours and days that we live, an ordeal that we push through, with a constant question of Why me? hanging over heads.  We all come across people in our lives who are not driven by their own well being, but rather by “Not well being” of those around them. They are the people who are so busy cutting other people’s lives that they stop growing. We come across those people, trying to extend the goodness, or rather niceness, that we have grown with believing to be goodness, hoping against hope to be able to win them over.  It does not happen, they hate you even more for your niceness and your growth.  As you grow bigger and better, they grow their claws, and then try to gain the advantage of numbers, invoking the same principles of brotherhood and camaraderie that you hitherto lived with. For you these words are life value, for them it is a weapon to hit on you, a bribe that they pay to other tribesman to gang up against you. They prompt the collective to keep on raising the bar for you and you spend your life running a race, which was never yours in the first place. At each turn of the track you keep on loosing, and the racetrack on which you inherently wanted to run, lies isolated. With the debris of the self-wreck which you make yourself into, beguiled by their clever game, you end up with a race, which you lose, in which you participated not out of choice but forced by others. They are the people who are most concerned with their comfort and they are the ones who will speak the word about being a team player most often. You might not necessarily win your own race, but at least you will have the satisfaction of having run a race, which was YOURS. My advise is to be as bonehead as possible in face of something which smells as a conspiracy to put you in a drama where your heart is not in it. You owe it to yourself to know where you stand and stick to that position, once discovered.


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