Posted by: saket71 | November 1, 2010

Suddenly, a business requirement takes me to Chennai, so here I am in the Radisson at Chennai, writing this blog. This is my third visit to the southern most part of India, if I do not take into account the initial one and half years of my life which I spent in Chennai, Tamil being the first language that I came to speak. In all the three visits, I have not seen any place in this city, mostly pretty humid in all weathers, except for the Hotel and airport and the customer location which I visit. What makes me write this blog, is the book which I picked on the way, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, to replace the earlier pocketbook version which I lost on the way to Mumbai. The book is more like a blog, a very private space, where one sits calmly and talks aloud to oneself without the fear of anybody assuming the one to be a lunatic.

This book is much deeper and comprehensive then the pocket book edition that I had, and I am not yet past the introduction and preface. What it essentially talks of is the importance of looking deeply into what we go through in a sleepwalker’s mindset which we call life. And deeper did I start to think. Thought went back to my sweet, pink daughter, who was sleeping with such a serene expression, with a mild hint of a smile on her small, sweet lips when I left the home. She was probably dreaming something of Jumbo, her favorite animation movie, or the story which she has heard so many times of “Happy Daisy” adapted to her taste by calling it “Happy Nonu”, blissfully unaware that she would not find her father absent when she wakes up in the evening. What brings absolute love and an inadvertent smile of comfort to my face is the knowledge that she will not hold it against me, when I reach back home tomorrow and she welcomes me with one step, jumping kind of dance. That is the brilliance of youth. I am not very sure, if she does not hold anything due to shorter memory or due to better understanding. I remember, How annoyed my parents would be when I am kept away from home even for work. That in spite of the fact that however late I would reach home, I will serve food to them and have food with them and spend at least two hours with them, no matter how tired I was and how late I arrived home.

I like to believe it is about the understanding that my daughter has. I like to believe that she understands the ephemeral nature of life, much better than most of the older people. She understands, that when someone is aways from you, or has been momentarily annoying to you; when the things change, when the one who was gone is back, and when who was unkind in the morning is kinder in the evening. Why should I waste the moments of goodness, carrying forward the pain, disgust and sadness from the moments of melancholy? The little child understands it better then us adults, than to allow the pain from the past to linger into the present and by implication, into future.




  1. Hello sir, was reading your thoughts…i like it


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