Excerpts “If Truth were to be Told”

  • Chapter 1 – Going with the Flow:

Chapter-1Going with the Flow

The joy of freefall is one of the earliest pleasures of life that a child experiences. Only later in life when we feel secure in the knowledge that the hand which threw us up is there to hold us on the way back do we come to note the feel of the nostalgic wind, the intoxication that comes with rising up each day that kept thrilling the child till the time he has to face the first fall of his life..

You are left there, out in the cold, all stressed out. Would it not be wonderful to just go out because you wish to speak to a person, even if you make a fool out of yourself, in the worst case scenario? Is it not better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all? Don’t worry whether the cart comes before the horse or vice-versa, as long as the damn thing moves!

  • Chapter 2- Being Unique

All of life’s exercise is a struggle to be loved, initially the love of parents, which, one is certain of till the time you outgrow it, then it is a lookout for the love of friends and society, sometimes camouflaged as sympathy, empathy and sometime as respect or acceptance.

It is the want of approval and the want of love that forces one to kill the dreams, to change the stripes, to fit into the realm of acceptability. It is so painful to see the process by which each of the coloured feathers is taken off so that we end up bland and indistinct. The end of the process is twice as painful as the process itself; when you lie in a pool of blood drawn out of your own dead dreams, and worse, you cannot even smell the dead which surrounds you and start moving around dressed in blood covered clothes with a nonchalance of ‘So what?’

The surrounding world claps furiously, as you step forward to join the group in which everyone is alike; the creativity of the Creator, thus defeated, only can watch you helplessly going forward to join the herd. Your wit is limited to the extent of silly smiles on account of someone’s shape of nose. Your wisdom is limited to the extent of the ability to shortchange people (without even realizing that in the end it is you, who is being terribly shortchanged by life itself).

  • Chapter 4- Love and Virtue

You keep on shouting, as you are pushed down the abyss. You shout the names of people you love and more than that, you want to be loved by them. Your voice traverses the complete distance and comes back with your questions unanswered, with such a violent force that it shakes you up. You struggle to keep yourself grounded, through rejections and betrayals, trying to hide behind some faith or religion or some God. You assign your cause to those imaginary Gods and then seek solace in the assumption that since God wanted you to love all people, any failure is His failure and therefore, by implication, He is supposed to take care of you and help you handle the disappointments arising out of your endeavours to do what you have been told to do, for it has been prescribed by Him.

Somewhere, you demand respect for the wreck that you turn yourself into, looking down at people who are not willing to follow the ordained path according to your understanding, and moving towards the closure of the great drama of life, unloved and somewhere, deep down, unhappy. Sometimes, the masses make idols of you. But what is the outcome of this tiresome exercise? What do you have to show in the end, which can give you enough courage to say at the end of it, when the curtain is coming down and the fat lady has sung “Was it life? Let us do it once more.” Think about the sum total of your existence on Earth.

Chapter 5 facing your Demons

We live through life half asleep, without coming to terms with what we are capable of, fully or even anywhere near it. So many a stories keep moving in and out of our persona without being written. The large canvas that life has provided us largely remains unpainted. A beautiful symphony remains unsung


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