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Arjun Ki Pratigya- By Maithili Sharan Gupt.

उस काल मारे क्रोध के तन काँपने उसका लगा,
मानों हवा के वेग से सोता हुआ सागर जगा ।
मुख-बाल-रवि-सम लाल होकर ज्वाल सा बोधित हुआ,
प्रलयार्थ उनके मिस वहाँ क्या काल ही क्रोधित हुआ ?

युग-नेत्र उनके जो अभी थे पूर्ण जल की धार-से,
अब रोश के मारे हुए, वे दहकते अंगार-से ।
निश्चय अरुणिमा-मिस अनल की जल उठी वह ज्वाल ही,
तब तो दृगों का जल गया शोकाश्रु जल तत्काल ही ।

साक्षी रहे संसार करता हूँ प्रतिज्ञा पार्थ मैं,
पूरा करूँगा कार्य सब कथानुसार यथार्थ मैं ।
जो एक बालक को कपट से मार हँसते हैँ अभी,
वे शत्रु सत्वर शोक-सागर-मग्न दीखेंगे सभी ।

अभिमन्यु-धन के निधन से कारण हुआ जो मूल है,
इससे हमारे हत हृदय को, हो रहा जो शूल है,
उस खल जयद्रथ को जगत में मृत्यु ही अब सार है,
उन्मुक्त बस उसके लिये रौख नरक का द्वार है ।

उपयुक्त उस खल को न यद्यपि मृत्यु का भी दंड है,
पर मृत्यु से बढ़कर न जग में दण्ड और प्रचंड है ।
अतएव कल उस नीच को रण-मघ्य जो मारूँ न मैं,
तो सत्य कहता हूँ कभी शस्त्रास्त्र फिर धारूँ न मैं ।

अथवा अधिक कहना वृथा है, पार्थ का प्रण है यही,
साक्षी रहे सुन ये बचन रवि, शशि, अनल, अंबर, मही ।
सूर्यास्त से पहले न जो मैं कल जयद्रथ-वधकरूँ,
तो शपथ करता हूँ स्वयं मैं ही अनल में जल मरूँ ।

Abhimanyu, the Son of Arjun, the best warrior of Pandavas in the Epic Mahabharata, was killed by Jayadrath, caught in a complex formation called “Chakra-Vyuha”, formation like a spiraling wheel. Arjun, knowing it is pained and enraged and these lines written by Sh. Maithili Sharan Gupt, captures that occasion.

“At that moment, his whole body
started trembling with fury,
As if a calm, sleeping sea
waking up, disturbed by unruly tempest.
The face, looking like the red morning sun,
Seemed like a burning coal.
It seemed as if to beckon destruction,
death himself unleashed a boundless rage.

His large eyes, which were still soaked with tears brimming,
with fury, now they have become like burning fire.
Surely the fire raged in his eyes like the evening sun,
which dried up all the tears with in no time.

Keeping the universe as my witness,
So proclaimed, Parth (Son of earth, Arjun),
I will make all that I state here come true,
those who are pleased with themselves,
having killed a child with treachery,
Soon they will all be captured in their gloom.

The main reason for the loss of Abhumanyu which I can see,
that is causing biggest pain like a thorn in the breast.
that evil Jaydrath has only death as his resolution,
and path to hell remains as his only salvation.

Although even a death will not suffice for the crime,
But, alas, no graver sentence which could be ordained for,
therefore, if not able to impart this death to him tomorrow,
never shall I wear the weapons on me and shall fight no more.

There is nothing more to be said on this whole thing,
May my witness be the Sun, the moon, fire, sky and earth.
If I am not able to kill Jayadrath in course of fight tomorrow,
I shall submit myself to death, thus ending my life of sorrow.


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